Congressman Alex Mooney and his wife live in Charles Town in Jefferson County with their three children. Their third child, Gabrielle, was born in October 2014. The son of a Cuban refugee and Vietnam veteran, Alex Mooney grew up with a deep sense of appreciation for the American ideals of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Listening to his parents' inspiring stories, Alex knew from a young age that he wanted to spend his life fighting for the American ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers. Elected to serve West Virginia's second congressional district in November 2014, Alex Mooney is fighting to protect our West Virginia values and make sure West Virginia continues to be a great place to raise a family.

Alex Mooney believes that West Virginia is poised to be a leader in defending and promoting the all-American values of hard work, faith and freedom that have made our country great. With a proven record of fighting for conservative values, Alex ready to defend West Virginia from President Obama's disastrous policies and encourage the job creation and prosperity West Virginia deserves.